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1-You wont be so heavily dependent on electricity, plus if you keep a spare cylinder of LPG gas on hand,  you can be assured of uninterrupted, reliable fuel for cooking.

2-Using alternative fuel sources helps reduce the negative environmental effects of producing electricity.

3-LPG is well suited for indoor use because its inherently clean and burns without smoke or residual particulate matter.

4-LPG is becoming very affordable. And will cut the cost of your electricity bill.

5- LPG is completely safe to use

6-LPG is highly controllable and efficient with instant heat and immediate heat reduction for fast, more economical cooking

7-LPG can be used for cooking indoors and outdoors even heating the water in your geyser


Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is made up of two liquefiable hydrocarbon gases - propane an butane.  Both of these are by-products of crude oil and natural gas refining process.

LPG is kept under pressure as a liquid in specialised containers, pressure vessels and gas bottles/cylinders.  LPG cylinders are made in compliance with SABS Standard Specifications.  Cylinders for appliance use come in various sizes, I.E 9kg, 14kg, 19kg and 48kg.

In an appliance such as stoves, the LPG is mixed with oxygen in the burner and combusted under controlled conditions, producing heat for cooking and heating

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